Today the new BULLET record „Full Pull“ is finally released and will kick every fucking ass around the globe! The media reactions are overwhelming: „FULL PULL sents us straight on the highway to hell“ METAL HAMMER (Ger) “Full pull“ kicks massive ass! Heavy Metal Rock`n`Roll!! EMP (Ger) „Bullet is the most cool Heavy Metal act of the past years!“ GUITAR (Ger) „The distinctive BULLET sound is there, coming across like a Harley reving the engine and then hitting the highway at full tilt. A mix of AC/DC and Accept, they’ve delivered a set of focussed songs that rock.“ POWERPLAY (UK) New album trailer: Free Songpier: Free MP3: BULLET – All Fired Up Bullet Desktop Wallpapers and firefox persona: iTunes: Bullet – Full Pull (incl. booklet + bonus track): CD, Digipak, Vinyl and Bullet Merchandise: