Shortly after the recordings of her eagerly awaited new album “Raise Your Fist“ (out on the 19th of October via Nuclear Blast) were finished, DORO Pesch went directly from the studio to the movie set. For two weeks the Queen of heavy metal has been on camera in Ireland and Switzerland now to slip into the role of Meha for the second part of the movie “ANUK – Der Weg des Kriegers” by director Luke Gasser, which tells the story of a mountain tribe battling for their existence against dark hordes, 2500 years BC. Right in the thick of things: DORO. She explains: “In one scene I had to bite off a villain’s ear. One can see me with a completely blood-smeared face afterwards. Looks brutal, but the shooting is great fun. Though it can be pretty tough and demanding at times – and even a bit dangerous. I especially love the scenes when I ride the horse.” Part one of ANUK – DORO’s cinematic debut – came out in 2006. The second part will come out at the end of 2013 and the soundtrack will surely contain one or another song of DORO’s new record “Raise Your Fist”. “I think the track `Free Your Heart´ suits the movie perfectly”, states DORO. Before that, DORO can be seen live on stage again. On the 7th of September at the Nürburgring, Germany, over the course of the “Super Bike” world cup, and on the “Raise Your Fist” European tour from the 15th of November on. For all tour dates, check: