On November 26th, the newest addition to the HYPOCRISY catalog, WORSHIP, was released via Nuclear Blast Records. That evening, the band presented their fans with a special listening session that featured a video of vinyl being sent up to the stratosphere.

The journey was completed on a bespoke launch vehicle that carried and supported the record through the atmosphere. The craft was lifted by a large hydrogen-filled balloon reaching a maximum altitude of over 120,000 feet/36.57 km above the Earth. It fell back down to Earth reaching speeds over 200mph until it re-entered the troposphere (where we all live) where the onboard parachute slowed the craft to a gentle walking pace by the time it touched down. 

Watch the full video of this historical launch here: https://youtu.be/uydkQnj8too

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Recently, the band released the music video for the title track "Worship". Watch the video which was drawn and animated by Costin Chioreanu and includes performance footage shot and edited by Tommy Jones, here: https://youtu.be/-zo9NBVpN_g

Order and listen to Worship here: https://www.hypocrisyband.com/worship