You're all full of joy and enthusiasm for the new year? Well, we can take care of that for you. Or, more precisely, NAILED TO OBSCURITY can: Today, the German melodic death metal doomsters release their new single "Liquid Mourning" - an earth shaking extreme metal track touching the darkest parts of your soul and covering all hope and light in a lake of black molasses, dragging you deeper and deeper into their inferno of heavy riffs and brutal growls.

Check out the video here:

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Raimund Ennenga: "The state of grief is often hard to leave behind, but a suffering soul is a fragile entity that needs to leave the lava of sorrow before it turns into obsidian. 'Liquid Mourning' is about a mind that is lost in the feeling of sorrow and finds itself more and more in a brittle tomb, as the mourning seemingly turns from liquid into solid…"

Jan-Ole Lamberti: “We wanted to try a different approach when we started writing new music shortly after the pandemic hit. The super low-tuned guitars, the string arrangement at the end and the production and sound itself are only a few examples which can be heard on ‘Liquid Mourning’ - probably the catchiest and maybe the most intense song we have released so far. Play it loud and enjoy!"

You can stream "Liquid Mourning" here: