Les metalleux fans de manga RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR ont sorti leur premier album »Welcame« aujourd’hui! Mixé et masterisé par par le renommé Zeuss (MADBALL, HATEBREED, EMMURE), l’album est disponible en digipack limité incluant un obi, bande de papier traditionnelle au Japon, entourant le CD. Deux bundles spéciaux contenant un t-shirt limité peuvent également être commandés. »Welcame« est également disponible en vinyles de différentes couleurs. D’autre part, le groupe a lancé un concours via lequel un fan pourra gagner un manga dessiné à la main par le chanteur Vithia: http://www.nuclearblast.de/fr/label/music/news/details/3655970.rise-of-the-northstar-win-a-manga-sketch-by.html The picture was drawn when the band hit the Nuclear Blast Headquarters in Donzdorf, Germany last week Friday for the company's annual end-of-year party and performed in the offices in front of a completely stunned crowd. Check out some photos of RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR live in action, as well as of label mates DIABLO BLVD who also played that night - courtesy of Manuela Dieringer | DIMA Photography: Surf to this location! A few selected legends of the hardcore and metal world have checked out this cluster bomb of an album and are overwhelmed: "ROTNS really know how to bring that old thrash sound current! Their NYHC influenced style mixed in with their original mojo is something that appeals to many extreme music enthusiast world wide! Killer band!" Roger Miret | AGNOSTIC FRONT "What a sick mixture of some of the greatest influences from the 90's, I love what they are doing!" Billy Graziadei | BIOHAZARD "Hardcore will never die as long as bands like ROTNS are carrying the torch. A crushing album!" Mille Petrozza | KREATOR „This is some HEAVY stuff with a youthful, hip hop kind a flare/flavor, what can I say… they definitely demonstrate their saiya style!“ Freddy Cricien | MADBALL »Welcame« will contain the following tracks: 01. What The Fuck 02. Welcame [Furyo State Of Mind] 03. The New Path 04. Samurai Spirit 05. Dressed All In Black 06. Again And Again 07. Tyson 08. Bosozoku 09. Simon Says* 10. Authentic 11. Blast 'em All *PHAROAHE MONCH cover More on »Welcame«: 'Dressed All In Black' stream: http://youtu.be/XeNyEiRD_es 'Simon Says' stream: http://youtu.be/LIrpcLmuGjY 'Welcame' video: http://youtu.be/IW_y31bRW3M 'Phoenix' video: http://youtu.be/VpdypIjj0oY RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR is: Vithia – vocals Air-One - guitar Eva-B – guitar Fabulous Fab - bass Hokuto No Kev – drums