"STRIGOI is a monstrous new creation of nihilistic death metal!" ZERO TOLERANCE (UK), Paul Castles - 5/6 Points "You'd be a fool to pass »Abandon All Faith« by." GBHBL.COM, Carl 'The Disc' Fisher - 9/10 Points "»Abandon All Faith« offers up a load of no-frills melodies and an unrelenting aural assault." KERRANG! (UK), Angela Davey - 4/5 Points Old-school death metal fans, the wait has come to an end: STRIGOI unleash their debut album »Abandon All Faith,« today through Nuclear Blast. In addition, the group has launched a brand new music video for their track 'Carved Into The Skin,' which was produced by the band themselves and filmed by Danny Biggin, Json Adriani, and Jake Mackintosh, who also took care of editing duties. It also features band founder Greg Mackintosh's first music video appearance in roughly 5 years. Watch now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FAwZKQbJnE
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Greg comments, "This, the grimmest track on the album is about depression, despair and self harm. Musical asphyxiation." Bassist Chris Casket states, "The production of the video was totally DIY including the 'practical effects' and filmed in studio and on location in Yorkshire, Suffolk and Milan. Initially, we wanted to gather background footage for a lyric video, but these sessions quickly escalated into a full video production, and the end result is a combination of performance, eerie locations, creeping insects and self mutilation." Order »Abandon All Faith« now: https://nblast.de/Strigoi-AbandonFaith Listen to 'Carved Into The Skin' and other new tracks in the NB New Releases Playlists: http://nblast.de/SpotifyNewReleases / http://nblast.de/AppleMusicNewReleases