TEXTURES vs JOHN CAGE The Dutch metalband TEXTURES has been invited by Dutch artist Aernout Mik for a special musical project. The loudest band of Holland will perform cultclassic 4”33, composed by John Cage. 4”33 consists of 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence. The performance of TEXTURES, including audience, will be filmed and turned into a piece of art for the new Muziekpaleis in Utrecht, one of the most modern Dutch musicvenues to be built. From late 2013 the piece will be shown permanently in the main entrance hall of the venue. NEPAL – SILENCE FESTIVAL In October the Dutch metalband flies over to the midst of the Himalayas for a special show and workshops on te big SILENCE FESTIVAL in Nepal. TEXURES visited Asia multiple times. In 2009 and 2010 the band headlined for thousands of people in Delhi and Bangalore, India. DUTCH TOUR At the end of September the band continues their tourschedule for the album Dualism (released sept.2011). TEXTURES toured extensively through the US (6 weeks) and Europe (6 weeks) this year before playing on summerfestivals like Zwarte Cross, Bevrijdingsfest Zwolle, Dour (B), Tuska (FIN) and Motocultor (F). Check out TEXTURES' regular shows 20 September – Doornroosje, Nijmegen (w/ KYU, The Sin Committee) 21 September – Nieuwe Nor, Heerlen (w/Bear, Unravelling the Dream) 22 September – Dynamo, Eindhoven (w/Exivious, Pelgrim) 23 September – Hedon, Zwolle (W/The Charm The Fury, Undawn) 27 September – Paard van Troje, Den Haag (W/IChaos, Ethereal) 28 September – Patronaar, Haarlem (W/The Charm The Fury, Divine Sins) 29 September – Bolwerk, Sneek (W/Exivious, WtGWD)