Ladies and gentlemen, today is the day you can finally listen to "Eyes Of Oblivion" the new LP by legendary Swedish high-energy rock'n'roll group THE HELLACOPTERS in all its glory. Their first full-length since no less than 14 years features 10 brand new cuts that sound as if the band had never been on hiatus. So, whether you're putting the needle to the wax or pressing the play button on your digital device: pour a drink of your choice, lean back and enjoy these 35 minutes of vintage sounding yet absolutely timeless rock music by one of Scandinavia's finest bands.

If you still need something to whet your appetite after the three previous singles, we recommed checking out the the highly contagious and remarkably cheerful glam rock stomper "Tin Foil Soldier" for yet another facet of this sensational comback album.

Listen to "Tin Foil Soldier" via the static video below: 

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