Techno metal hell will take over Finland as well as rest of Europe later this year! Earlier this year, the Finnish industrial metal act TURMION KÄTILÖT gave the world a sharp warning and announced the release date of their 9th album: April 17th, 2020. "Global Warning" will be released by the record label giant Nuclear Blast, and the first signs of the warning are out for everyone to see and to hear: the single Sano Kun Riittää has now dropped along with a charmingly macabre video:
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MC Raaka Pee tells the following story, relating to the single: "While on tour, I bought a kalimba from Gothenburg. I was playing it at home by myself, and it sang to me: 'A nightmare needs a dreamer weak enough to believe. Words formed by Satan himself, the image of a man. The bringer of eternal pain, creator of all evil. Sweet dreams.'" Luyeye Konssi from the rap metal group Lähiöbotox found parts of the single's lyrics already yesterday and ended up doing some bathroom recital – see the end result here: The music video for the satanic song was directed by Rauli Ylitalo, who states the following about the idea for the video: "Since 99 percent of music videos are just boring shit, we decided to make a good one. This cinematic approach is a lot more interesting than just having guys play their instruments while somebody is telling them to 'play some rock and roll music'". TURMION KÄTILÖT start their massive Finnish tour in April in Kuopio, the band's home town, and will celebrate the album release in a big way in the Helsinki Ice Hall on 30th of April. After summer festivals, the group will take over Europe, touring alongside NIGHTWISH. Pre-Order „Global Warning“ here: