Today Swedish symphonic power metallers TWILIGHT FORCE have released their fourth long player, At the Heart of Wintervale. Landing over three years after the band's previous studio album, their latest opus recounts brand new and exciting stories from the Twilight Kingdoms! Along with the album release, the Swedes have also unveiled a new music video for the album title track 'At the Heart of Wintervale', which can be witnessed here:

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"Rejoice! The eternal wait is over! At the Heart of Wintervale is finally unleashed upon the mortal plane, and all is well again! This creation is the culmination of our immense efforts to bring you along on a journey through the vast realms of the Twilight Kingdoms, and to explore its rich history of myths and magic through a swift and sparkling musical adventure. So come, join us once again on a quest to remember - for today is a day of celebration! 
May the Power of the Dragon forever guide you!"

Purchase At the Heart of Wintervale on various formats and stream the album now here:

At the Heart of Wintervale consists of 8 captivating tales from far and wide, with a run-time of approximately 45 minutes. The songs are all stories and legends from the Twilight Kingdoms, gathered over years of meticulous research, further exploring and delving into the vast and magical world of its realms.

At the Heart of Wintervale is available on CD, Digibook, and Vinyl. The limited Digibook edition also includes three bonus tracks. The first is a song which many of TWILIGHT FORCE's loyal knights may somewhat recognise; it is an acoustic blend of some of the older works, featuring an entrancing vocal performance and guitar work by TWILIGHT FORCE's very own wood elf Aerendir. The second and third bonus tracks are orchestral versions of two songs from the album, giving fans the opportunity to experience a different soundscape, and perhaps discover exciting new elements and intricacies never discerned previously.