BLIND GUARDIAN - The God Machine RED/BLACK MARBLED VINYL - 2LP red/black marbled

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Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal

BLIND GUARDIAN's new album "The God Machine" will be released as a red/black marbled double LP in gatefold incl. 24-page booklet. Limited to 500 copies!


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Seven years after "Beyond The Red Mirror", Krefeld metal kings BLIND GUARDIAN make a brilliant return and compensate for the waiting time with their new studio album "The God Machine". Offering anthems like "Blood Of The Elves", "Secrets Of The American Gods" and "Violent Shadows", the album proves to be a modern masterpiece that transports the trademarks of the classic "Imaginations From The Other Side" into the here and now. Hansi Kürsch explains: "We didn't want to rehash our style from 1995, but on the other hand we didn't want to have to continue on our current path forever. "The God Machine" is a new beginning for us. We're putting everything back to square one and return to certain patterns that we neglected a bit on previous releases." Look forward to an album that is straighter, more aggressive, but always blessed with highly infectious melodies and hooks.



Side A
1. Deliver Us From Evil
2. Damnation
3. Secrets Of The American Gods

Side B
4. Violent Shadows
5. Life Beyond The Spheres
6. Architects Of Doom

Side C
7. Let It Be No More
8. Blood Of The Elves
9. Destiny

Side D
10. Life Beyond The Spheres (Cyber Mix)
11. Destiny (Lead Guitar Version)
12. Let It Be No More (Heavy Vocals)

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Release Date 2 sept. 2022