BLOODBATH - Survival of the sickest - Digisleeve CD

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Survival of the sickest - Digisleeve CD
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Death Metal

The world is in flames, and "Survival Of The Sickest" offers no respite from the horrors of reality. Instead, with the addition of new guitarist Tomas ‘Plytet’ Åkvik (Lik) onboard, BLOODBATH’s latest and greatest album gleefully confronts the slavering ghoul lurking in the shadows, and treats him to eleven songs of ripping death metal frenzy.

On "Survival Of The Sickest", BLOODBATH evoke their most horrifying sonic scenarios to date, from the death-by-munching nightmare of “Malignant Maggot Therapy”, to the murderous nihilism of “Affliction Of Extinction”. A glorious comeback from a legendarily wicked musical force, "Survival Of The Sickest" provides yet more proof that BLOODBATH are the kings of the old school. This is death metal at its ugly best: vicious, unrelenting, and irrevocably sworn to the black. Time for another BLOODBATH!



01 Zombie Inferno
02 Putrefying Corpse (feat. Barney Greenway)
03 Dead Parade
04 Malignant Maggot Therapy
05 Carved (feat. Luc Lemay)
06 Born Infernal (feat. Luc Lemay)
07 To Die (feat. Marc Grewe)
08 Affliction of Extinction
09 Tales of Melting Flesh
10 Environcide
11 No God Before Me

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Release Date 9 sept. 2022