CONJURER - Páthos BURGUNDY VINYL - 2LP dunkelrot

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Modern Metal/Rock

The new album by CONJURER "Páthos" will be released as a burgundy double LP in a gatefold with etched D-Side. Limited to 400 copies!


More Infos:

The future of British metal lies in safe hands with CONJURER, who continue their journey as the country’s most exciting young metal band with their incredible new album Páthos. A triumphant return from CONJURER following their world-renowned 2018 debut Mire, Páthos is a band flexing their creative muscles, deepening their approach and thought, and expanding their sound.

Páthos is not an album for the half-hearted or faint-hearted. Elements of Sumac, Gojira, old Mastodon and Oathbreaker, the new record is a multi-layered beast – sludge, death, doom, black metal and hardcore influences clash and collide throughout, all masterfully finished by Will Putney’s exquisite mix and master.

The fifty-minute runtime of Páthos is not without its moments of the sublime, with post-metal nods to Conjurer and Pijn’s acclaimed Curse These Metal Hands project throughout. That a band can be at once so triumphantly beautiful and gut-punchingly heavy is testament to Conjurer’s quality, and a surefire sign of their future longevity at the top of Britain’s heavy music scene.



Side A
1. It Dwells
2. Rot

Side B
3. All You Will Remember
4. Basilisk
5. Those Years, Condemned

Side C
6. Suffer Alone
7. In Your Wake
8. Cracks In The Pyre

Side D