The story began in February 1992, when four students from Fulda formed a band. Fuelled by abundance of teenage passion, the quartet of 14-year olds (Tobias Sammet, Jens Ludwig, Dirk Sauer, and drummer Dominik Storch) named their band after their physics teacher’s nickname - EDGUYwas born! They first started by playing songs by BON JOVI, AC/DC or KISS but recorded their first demo cassettes with their own songs only two years later.

In 1995, they recorded their debut album »Savage Poetry« at their own expense, which ultimately led to the long awaited record deal. On »Kingdom Of Madness« (1997) you can already feel a clear progression and convinced a veteran of the German metal scene, GRAVE DIGGER frontman Chris Boltendahl, to make a guest appearance on the epic ›The Kingdom‹

After signing to Nuclear Blast, the band's career sped up. The »King Of Fools« EP and the »Hellfire Club« album set new standards in 2004. 

But there’s no sweet without sweat: Already in autumn 2005, the band released their »Superheroes« EP, shortly afterwards followed by the next long player »Rocket Ride«. But as Sammet explains, this was no stress at all for the band.

Although Sammet is currently concentrating more and more on AVANTASIA, bringing the former studio project back on stage again and again, EDGUYrelease »Tinnitus Sanctus« in 2008. With »Age Of The Joker« from 2011, which was once again more heavy and progressive, EDGUY offer a noticeable contrast.

In 2014, EDGUYfinally released their tenth studio album entitled »Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown«

Not only thanks to this attitude, the band has built a huge and loyal fan base all over the world. In the 25 years that EDGUY have been in business, they have formed their own, immediately recognizable style without letting themselves get stuck to a rigid pattern. They have played countless concerts in over 40 countries and stormed the charts with their albums. The Germans have achieved a lot and still plan more - but first, they are going to celebrate their jubilee with »Monuments« and the accompanying tour!

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