THERION - Time shall tell ReRelease BLACK VINYL - MLP schwarz

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Time shall tell ReRelease BLACK VINYL
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Death Metal, Symphonic Metal

Finally available again: the much sought after debut mini-LP by Swedish THERION. Pure old school Death Metal recorded in 1989 at the legendary Sunlight Studio. “Time Shall Tell” is the ultimate expression of THERION’s Death Metal relevance and this recording is as brutal, sinister and abstract as anything from the early Swedish Death Metal scene. While their Stockholm contemporaries were busy pounding out punk-based riffs, Therion sounded like they were orbiting the gravitational field of a supernatural vortex. The band’s HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST influences have been over-matched by their POSSESSED and MORBID ANGEL influences, to great effect.


1. Time Shall Tell
2. Dark Eternity
3. Asphyxiate with Fear
4. A Suburb to Hell

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Release Date 29 avr. 2022