The newly signed HORIZON IGNITED proudly announce the upcoming release of their long player "Towards The Dying Lands". The first album of the band published under Nuclear Blast will be released on July 1st of this year. After the massive title single "Towards The Dying Lands", the Finnish sextet is now revealing the next banger from their highly anticipated album. 
The Finns deliver their brand new single "Reveries" including a new stunning music video to heat up and celebrate the upcoming next big milestone in their career. The highly endowed newcomers of melodic death metal convince once again with fiery riffs and they show what you can expect in the near future.
The album is available for pre-order now!
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The band commenting on the new single:
"Reveries is a song about losing all your hope and drowning into despair that you can not escape from. What is it like to lose the grip of yourself and your humanity? How deep are the wounds that grief and loss cut? These core lyrical themes are surrounded by not that typical song for Horizon Ignited. Intro and choruses are massive and melodic giving the listener a spark of hope which is then killed by the heavy verses. The fight between these two main themes of the song creates a fascinating contrast for the lyrics.
The music video for the song was filmed during the band's pre production session for "Towards The Dying Lands" album at Lammaskallion Audio in Tuusula, Finland. The video is a very raw set of the band performing the song combined with aerial footage from the same day, which turned out to be probably the most beautiful day in the fall 2019. Video is edited by the keyboardist Miska Ek and guitarist Johannes Mäkinen.
Aggressive, melancholic and melodic - Reveries."

Founded back in 2017 by guitarists Johannes Mäkinen and Vili Vottonen, the debut album "After the Storm" was unleashed when the northern winds choked HORIZON IGNITED's hometown of Kouvola in early 2019. The completely self-published album met very positive feedback and the band has made its mark since then.
HORIZON IGNITED's diverse class of act − captivating and guitar-driven melodic death metal flavored with catchy metalcore elements among others.