In August 2019, Swedish-American power metal newcomer NORTHTALE released their successful debut album "Welcome To Paradise" via Nuclear Blast. A few month ago, they announced the departure of their singer Christian Eriksson. Finally NORTHTALE are complete again and today, they want to introduce their new vocalist: the 30 year old Guilherme Hirose (TRAUMER) from Sao Paolo, Brazil. Guitarist Bill Hudson states: “After a long and grueling audition process, we are ready to announce our new singer! I’ve auditioned about 40 of the best vocalists in the world, from very famous to complete newcomers, spread through 11 countries. I wish I could’ve hired more than one, but since we needed to make a decision, I’m happy to announce GUILHERME HIROSE as our new frontman! Guilherme blew my mind through his initial auditions, nailing the songs from the first album as if they were written for his own voice. But he REALLY shined on our new songs. When he sent me the first recording, I knew he was the guy. I had no doubt. When I presented him to the band to get their opinions, they unanimously voted for him! We’re a band once again! We’re currently recording vocals at DHARMA STUDIOS in São Paulo, Brazil with engineer Rodrigo Oliveira partnering up with Dennis Ward to deliver amazing performances. We’re once again ready to hit the road!” Guilherme Hirose adds: "Well it’s just amazing being in a band with such great world class musicians. We’ve been talking since June, and in August I received a Bill’s call, telling I me was the chosen one. Things were shaping just great since, and the new songs sound just awesome (I know it’s a cliché, but that’s exactly how it feels). I’m very much looking forward to hitting the road, as soon as possible, having fun with the guys and with you in your city!!!" Watch the video announcement: Watch and listen to Guilherme singing "Shape Your Reality": Order »Welcome To Paradise« now, here: