battle beast

  1. BATTLE BEAST - new album "Circus of Doom" is now available!

    BATTLE BEAST are once again unleashing their full force upon the world in the shape of their brand new masterpiece »Circus of Doom«, which is being released today via Nuclear Blast.

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  2. BATTLE BEAST - release music video!

    Battle Beast release music video for new single 'Where Angels Fear to Fly' as tribute to the builders of a better world!

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  3. BATTLE BEAST - reveal music video!

    Today, the band reveal the music video for their second single, 'Eye of the Storm', that you can watch here.

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  4. BATTLE BEAST - single & album pre-order!

    Today, the band reveal a stunning music video for the first single, 'Master of Illusion', directed by Markus Nieminen, that you can watch here.

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  5. BATTLE BEAST - reveal first album details!