1. HAMMERFALL - 20-Year-Anniversary-Edition of Crimson Thunder is out today!

    Today, the band is proud to release their 20-Year Anniversary Edition of Crimson Thunder. To celebrate the release, the band presents us with a brand-new video for the medley.

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  2. HAMMERFALL - Present lyric video for 'Riders Of The Storm'!

    Today, the band presents a brand new lyric video for their old classic 'Riders Of The Storm', in remixed and remastered version.

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  3. HAMMERFALL - Announce 20-Year-Anniversary Edition of Crimson Thunder!

    Today, the band are proud to announce a special 20-year anniversary edition of Crimson Thunder, which will be released on April 28th, continuing their retrospective series.

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  4. HAMMERFALL - Return to Nuclear Blast Records!

    Nuclear Blast are proud to welcome back the Swedish powerhouse HammerFall who started their career in 1997 on the label with their debut album Glory to the Brave.

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  5. HAMMERFALL - "Renegade 2.0" out today!

  6. HAMMERFALL - remixed version of "Renegade"!

    HAMMERFALL have released the remixed title track of 20th anniversary break-through album "Renegade 2.0" today!

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  7. HAMMERFALL - pre-order for "Renegade 2.0"!