Hangman's Chair news

  1. HANGMAN'S CHAIR - new album 'A Loner' Out Now!

    French based doom metal visionaries HANGMAN’S CHAIR have finally released their latest album "A Loner".

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  2. HANGMAN'S CHAIR - announce their new album "A Loner"!

    February 11th will see the birth of another bright star in their discography, their new album "A Loner" will be released via Nuclear Blast Records.

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  3. HANGMAN'S CHAIR - contribute theme song to podcast!

    HANGMAN'S CHAIR recently contributed track 'Judge Penitent' to rap legend JOEYSTARR's Deezer France exclusive podcast 'Gang Stories'.

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  4. HANGMAN'S CHAIR - release new single "Loner"!