BLIND GUARDIAN - Beyond the red mirror - CD

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Beyond the red mirror
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Symphonic Metal, Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal
Greatly inspired by life experience, world myths, legends, and their own fervent creativity, metal’s most epic storytellers BLIND GUARDIAN continually aspire to define themselves on a whole new level. With their highly-anticipated, orchestral tenth studio album »Beyond The Red Mirror«, they have successfully captured the scope of their essence with unprecedented accuracy. By far, the most important fact about the new album is this: there are no compromises. Not one. These ten new tracks will transport the listeners - via a mysteriously powerful red mirror - into an otherworldly dimension that includes tyrants, gods, and the Holy Grail. And it’s no coincidence that »Beyond The Red Mirror« bears strong lyrical ties to 1995’s »Imaginations From The Other Side«, for we are reunited with the young protagonist we first met twenty years ago in the songs ‘Bright Eyes’ and ‘And The Story Ends’ who stood before a magic door, unsure whether to make the leap into a new, unknown world or to stay in his own. Now an adult, the impact of this important moment in the protagonist’s life is the launching point for the entire album.