NORTHTALE - Eternal flame - CD

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Eternal flame
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The new album by NORTHTALE "Eternal flame" will be released as a jewelcase CD.


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Reflecting on how far he has come with NORTHTALE, from being a dream to its troubled beginnings, Hudson makes no secret of how pleased he is with the final result of Eternal Flame. "I absolutely love the album, and I've probably listened to it more times now that I've ever listened to the first NORTHTALE album. When ‚Welcome To Paradise‘ came out I was super excited about it, and back then I would have said it's a perfect album. Now I can barely stand to listen to it. ‚Eternal Flame‘ couldn't be better. It's perfect to my ears.... at least until we make the next album."



1. Only Human
2. Wings Of Salvation
3. Future Calls
4. The Land Of Mystic Rites
5. Midnight Bells
6. Eternal Flame
7. In The Name Of God
8. Ride The Storm
9. King Of Your Illusion
10. Judas Be My Guide
11. Nature's Revenge
12. Ivy (Outro)