SABATON - The symphony to end all wars BLACK VINYL - LP schwarz

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The symphony to end all wars BLACK VINYL
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The new highlight by SABATON "The symphony to end all wars" will be released as a black LP in a gatefold and contains the impressive orchestral interpretation of the successful album “The War To End All Wars”. A must for every soundtrack fan.



Side A
1. Sarajevo (Symphonic Version)
2. Stormtroopers (Symphonic Version)
3. Dreadnought (Symphonic Version)
4. The Unkillable Soldier (Symphonic Version)
5. Soldier Of Heaven (Symphonic Version)
6. Hellfighters (Symphonic Version)

Side B
7. Race To The Sea (Symphonic Version)
8. Lady Of The Dark (Symphonic Version)
9. The Valley Of Death (Symphonic Version)
10. Christmas Truce (Symphonic Version)
11. Versailles (Symphonic Version)