ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN - new album this March!

Canadian metal upstarts ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN, will release their second full-length album and Nuclear Blast debut on March 29.
ELUVEITIE - pre-order available now! Du liest ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN - new album this March! 3 Minuten Weiter BATTLE BEAST - first album trailer!
Canadian metal upstarts ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN, will release their second full-length album and Nuclear Blast debut on March 29. »Harbinger« was produced and mixed by Jason Suecof (DEVILDRIVER, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, ALL THAT REMAINS, TRIVIUM) and mastered by Alan Douches (DARKEST HOUR, EVERY TIME I DIE, SUICIDE SILENCE). Check out the first single 'The Endless' here: "»Harbinger« is a warning for all of us to pay attention to what's going on in the world and improve what we can before it's too late," commented vocalist Jamison Friesen. "'The Endless' questions if we're disposable pawns in a game that we're born playing. Do we have the free will to escape, or is humanity doomed to be trapped in a loop?" Pre-order the album now: Pre-order the album digitally to received 'The Endless' instantly (amazon and iTunes only)! Listen to the track in the NB Novelties Playlists: / »Harbinger« - Track Listing: 01. Hurricane On The Horizon 02. End Of Existence 03. Witness 04. The Horror 05. Old Bones // New Blood 06. Better Off Without 07. Symbiotic 08. An Omen Of Loss 09. The Endless 10. Apocalyptic A demo version of the song 'The Horror' can now be heard on Spotify or YouTube: ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN started as a band with a mission to play music without compromise and carve their way through the music scene on their own terms. Coming from a small city in Northern Canada, this was a necessary strategy, since the band didn't come up in a big city scene with regular promoters, venues and attendees. After touring in support of two self-released albums, »Endless Nights« and »Shadows«, the band began plotting their next release. On a whim they decided to send some of the new demos to one of their heroes, Jason Suecof at Audiohammer Studios, to see if he would be interested in recording them. To the band's absolute surprise, Jason liked what he heard, and found time between some of the heavy-hitters that he had been working on to record the material. This was an opportunity the band couldn't pass up, and immediately started planning the trip of flying over 3,000 miles, from one end of the continent of North America to the other, to record the best songs the band had ever written. Fast forward to after two successful recording sessions produced by Jason Suecof and mastered by Mark Lewis, the band was able to attract the attention of A&R legend Monte Conner. Conner was impressed with what he heard and quickly struck a deal with the band. With such a rapid ascent thus far, there's no telling what great things lurk in ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN's not too distant future.