SABATON - 'History Rocks' project hits important milestone!

Over 100 museums from 27 territories have now confirmed their participation in the worldwide premiere of "The War To End All Wars – The Movie" this November, and the list keeps growing. 

The countdown begins. With just over one month left until SABATON’s "History Rocks" museum initiative kicks off, the band’s project has reached a significant milestone. Over 100 museums from 27 territories have now confirmed their participation in the worldwide premiere of "The War To End All Wars – The Movie" this November, and the list keeps growing. See the full list of participating museums below.

Unveiled on June 12 of this year, "History Rocks" is a result of the band's urge to help museums around the world. The mission of this charitable initiative is to amplify the visibility of museums worldwide and to encourage a fresh, untapped audience of metalheads and history enthusiasts to contribute to their local museums.

Another fundamental objective of this project worth noting is that it aims to place World War I and its significance to mankind in the spotlight.

Band manager and bassist, Pär Sundström comments: “Reaching over 100 museums is an important milestone. We wanted to create something that makes our fans visit and help their local museums, and I’m beyond happy to see that it’s working. We’re grateful to anyone who suggested a museum to us by using our “Suggest a museum” form on our movie’s website. The form is now closed following thousands of suggestions, but museums are still urged to contact us if they wish to participate. It means a lot to us to see how many involved have been enthusiastic, both fans and museums.”

The global premiere of "The War To End All Wars – The Movie" will take place between November 4-19, 2023, in the two weeks surrounding the 105th anniversary of Armistice Day. Museums worldwide are gearing up to showcase this film in their own way – some have opted for single screenings, some will be hosting multiple, and others will be combining their screenings with World War 1-related exhibits and events. The beauty of this project is that those participating have the creative freedom to shape their event any way they deem fit and all revenue generated from ticket sales goes straight back to the museum hosting the screening.

As the "History Rocks" project surges forward with over 100 museums on board, it stands as a testament to the profound impact of the unification of music and history to inspire and educate audiences worldwide.


Army Museum of South Australia

Plugstreet 14-18
Talbot House

Завичајни музеј Градишка / Homeland Museum of Gradiška

Museu do Expedicionário
Museu Militar do Comando Militar do Sul

Pazardzhik Regional Museum

Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence
Millet & District Museum, Archives & Visitor Services
Rocky Mountain House Museum

Gradski muzej Varaždin
Muzej vojne i ratne povijesti
SIsak Municipal Museum

Military Muzeum Generála Sergěje Jana Ingra
Muzeum a vzdělávací centrum čs. legií/Československých legií
Patton Memorial Pilsen
Vojenské muzeum Chuchelná

Mosede Fort, Danmark 1914-18
Museum Skanderborg
Sønderborg Castle

The Parola Armour Museum
Tornionlaakson museo - Tornedalens museum

Hôtel national des Invalides Musée de l´Armée
Historial franco-allemand du Hartmannswillerkopf
Musée des blindés et de la cavalerie
Musée Pierre-Noël de Saint-Dié-des-Vosges
Carrière Wellington: Mémorial de la Bataille d’Arras

Anti Kriegs Museum
Festung Königstein
Flandernbunker / "Mahnmal Kilian" e.V.
Garnisonmuseum Ludwigsburg

HM Hadtörténeti Intézet és Múzeum

Vytautas the Great War Museum

Nationaal Militair Museum Soesterberg

Whanganui Regional Museum

Tirpitz Museum Alta

Museum of Military Technology / Muzeum Techniki Wojskowej
Muzeum Górnośląskie / Upper Silesian Museum
Muzeum Marynarki Wojennej / Naval Museum Gdynia
Muzeum Techniki Wojskowej GRYF
Muzeum Techniki Wojskowej w Zabrzu
Muzeum Twierdzy Kostrzyn / Fortressmuseum of Kostrzyn
Muzeum Wojsk Lądowych w Bydgoszczy/Army Infantery Museum
Rzeszowskie Piwnice / Resov Cellars

Museu do Ar

"Alexandru Ioan Cuza" Palace of Ruginoasa
MNIR / National History Museum of Romania
National Military Museum
Palace of Culture / Complexul Muzeal Național „Moldova” Iași

Museum of Rudnik and Takovo Region (Музеј рудничко-таковског краја)
National Museum in Leskovac
National Museum of Serbia/Народни музеј Србије
Zavičajni muzej Župe

Múzeum Slovenského Národného Povstania
Slovakia Bytča The Wedding Palace in Bytča – administrated by Považské múzeum
Spiš castle administered by Slovak National Museum - Spiš Museum

City Museum of Ljubljana / Mestni muzej Ljubljana
Park vojaške zgodovine Pivka /Park of Military History

Museo Histórico Militar de Canarias

Arsenalen - Swedish Tankmuseum
Garnisonsmuseet Skaraborg
Hässleholms Museum
Jamtli Museet
Maritiman - Göteborgs maritima centrum

Black Country Living Museum
Bodmin Keep - Cornwall's Army Museum
CMSM Combined Military Services Museum
Heugh Battery Museum
Military Museum Scotland
Royal Armouries Museum
Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum
South Wales Aviation Museum
Stow Maries Great War Aerodrome
Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum
The Staffordshire Regiment Museum
The Tank Museum
York Army Museum

American Heritage Museum
Chippewa Valley Museum
General Robert W. Cone NTC & 11th ACR Heritage Center
Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles
Howard County Historical Society
Hutchings Museum Institute
Las Vegas-Clark County Library District: Sahara West Library
Maryland Veterans Musuem at Patriot Park
Mesa Public Library - Red Mountain Branch
Michigan's Military Heritage Museum
Military Aviation Museum
Military Heritage Museum
Military History Center of the Carolinas
Museum of the American G.I
National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey
Pacific Northwest Naval Air Museum
Texas Panhandle War Memorial
The National WWI Museum and Memorial
The William C. Lambert Military Museum and Archive
Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site
Wisconsin Veterans Museum
Woodman Museum
Wright Stuff Squadron Living History Museum
82d Airborne Division War Memorial Museum

Following years of hard work and research, SABATON has created "The War To End All Wars – The Movie" in partnership with Yarnhub, an animation studio focused on historical content. This is a 67-minute long animated musical motion picture which is being released in English but will be made available with subtitles in a number of languages to cater to global audiences. The film vividly tells the World War 1 tales from SABATON’s most recent studio album, The War To End All Wars.

Referring to the movie, Lora Vogt, National, Vice President of Education and Interpretation, from the WWI Museum and Memorial (Kansas, US) declares: “Certainly, there is artistic licence taken in the movie, but what I found so extraordinary was the team’s choice of stories. What a wonderful vehicle Sabaton has made to show the diversity of individuals and engagements of the war. Really fantastic! We look forward to sharing it with our audiences.”

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