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Horizon Ignited - Towards The Dying Lands Ltd. Gold/Black - Marbled Vinyl | Neutral-Image
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Horizon Ignited - Towards The Dying Lands - Vinyl | Neutral-Image
Horizon Ignited - Towards The Dying Lands - Vinyl
Angebotspreis€13,99 Regulärer Preis€23,99
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Horizon Ignited - Towards The Dying Lands - CD | Neutral-Image Horizon Ignited - Towards The Dying Lands - CD | Neutral-Image
Horizon Ignited - Towards The Dying Lands - CD
Angebotspreis€14,99 Regulärer Preis€17,99

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Unleashing Metal Fury: HORIZON IGNITED's Arrival

Finnish melodic death metal band 'HORIZON IGNITED' announces their blazing entry into the global metal scene. Emerging from the fiery depths of Finland, a country renowned for its metal prowess, HORIZON IGNITED storms onto the stage, ready to ignite the passions of metalheads worldwide. With their relentless energy and uncompromising sound, this sextet promises to carve their name into the annals of metal history.

Rising from the Ashes: HORIZON IGNITED's Genesis

In 2017, guitarists Johannes Mäkinen and Vili Vottonen laid the foundation for what would become HORIZON IGNITED. Their debut album, "After the Storm", marked the culmination of their journey, released amidst the tumultuous winds of early 2019. This self-published masterpiece garnered widespread acclaim, establishing HORIZON IGNITED as a force to be reckoned with. Their unique blend of captivating melodies and ferocious metalcore elements set them apart, captivating audiences and leaving an indelible mark on the metal landscape.

Embark on a Metal Odyssey: Exclusive HORIZON IGNITED Merchandise

Dive into the epic saga of metal with our exclusive collection of HORIZON IGNITED merchandise. From thunderous band t-shirts to electrifying vinyl records, our selection encapsulates the essence of HORIZON IGNITED's fiery spirit and unwavering passion. Whether you seek to unleash your inner metal warrior or expand your arsenal of melodic death memorabilia, our diverse offerings invite you to join the ranks of true metal aficionados. Experience the power of HORIZON IGNITED and set your metal journey ablaze. Shop now and ignite your passion for metal!