Beyond Sanctorum (RE-RELEASE)



  1. Future consciousness
  2. Pandemonic outbreak
  3. Cthulhu
  4. Symphony of the dead
  5. Beyond Sanctorum
  6. Enter The Depths Of Eternal Darkness
  7. Illusions Of Life
  8. The Way
  9. Paths
  10. Tyrants Of The Damned
  11. Cthulhu (Demo)
  12. Future Consciousness (Demo)
  13. Symphony Of The Dead (Demo)
  14. Beyond Sanctorum (Demo)
  15. Chant For Ezkaton 2000 e.v.

'On our second album one can hear the change that would bring THERION step by step to what we are today. The use of keyboard became more important, we used some clean male vocals as well as a female voice and overall there was much more melody incorporated into the songs. We also used Persian (”Arabic”) scale for the first time. In songs like ”Symphony Of The Dead”, ”Paths” and ”The Way”, one could actually get a clue of what direction the band would approach on future albums.
A small anecdote that I remember is that some people were telling us we were ”posers” as we used keyboards in metal music and that there were no future in such a thing. Looking at today’s metal scene I suppose we were right and they were wrong, he he! On this album we did our first small tour outside Sweden (Holland and Belgium). It was really tough times as we travelled in a small mini-bus and had no road crew. But we had great fun and got to know a lot of nice people and bands (The Gathering for example).'
(Christofer, THERION)