Celebrators Of Becoming (4DVD+2CD)



  1. Intro
  2. Blood Of Kingu
  3. Uthark Runa
  4. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
  5. Asgård
  6. Son Of The Sun
  7. Invocation Of Naamah
  8. Typhon
  9. Draconian Trilogy
  10. Flesh Of The Gods
  11. Schwarzalbenheim
  12. Ginnungagap
  13. In Remembrance
  14. The Wild Hunt
  15. The Invincible
  16. Melez
  17. The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
  18. The Khlysti Evangelist
  19. Siren Of The Woods
  20. Quetzalcoatl
  21. Wine Of Aluqah
  22. Cults Of The Shadow
  23. To Mega Therion
  24. Iron Fist (Motorhead Cover)
  25. Outro
  26. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
  27. Black Sun
  28. Wine Of Aluqah
  29. Black Funeral
  30. Soundcheck
  31. Before Show
  32. Stage Excerpt Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx / The Crowning Of Atlantis / Siren Of The Woods
  33. After Show
  34. Blood Of Kingu
  35. The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
  36. A Day In La Paz
  37. Wine Of Aluqah
  38. Russian National Anthem
  39. I Wanna Be Somebody
  40. Black Funeral
  41. Iron Fist
  42. The Khlysti Evangelist
  43. Melez
  44. Uthark Runa
  45. Asgård
  46. The Crowning Of Atlantis
  47. The Invincible
  48. Uthark Runa
  49. Caffeine
  50. The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
  51. Cults Of The Shadow
  52. To Mega Therion
  53. Black Funeral
  54. Iron Fist
  55. Iron Fist
  56. Backstage
  57. Uthark Runa
  58. Typhon
  59. Cults Of The Shadow
  60. Siren Of The Woods
  61. Singing A Capella In The Dark
  62. Drumming In The Dark
  63. Comment From Author
  64. The Golden Embrace
  65. Outro
  66. Pandemonic Outbreak
  67. A Black Rose
  68. The Beauty In Black
  69. To Mega Therion
  70. In The Desert Of Set
  71. Birth Of Venus Illegitima
  72. Summernight City - Intro
  73. Summernight City
  74. Summernight City - Outro
  75. Intro
  76. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
  77. Invocation Of Naamah
  78. Cults Of The Shadow
  79. Birth Of Venus Illegitima
  80. In The Desert Of Set
  81. The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
  82. Wine Of Aluqah
  83. To Mega Therion
  84. Drum Recordings (Kali Yuga)
  85. Joke About Sirius B
  86. Guitar Recordings (Kristian - Kali Yuga)
  87. Discussion About Gay Guitars
  88. Guitar Recordings (Christofer - Abraxas)
  89. Vocal Recordings (Piotr - Dreams Of Swedenborg)
  90. Mandolin Recordings (Wondrous World Of Punt)
  91. Choir Recordings (Quetzalcoatl, Blood Of Kingu), Orchestra Recordings (Wondrous World Of Punt), Harpsichord Recordings (Kali Yuga)
  92. Orchestra Recording (Blood Of Kingu), Tenor Recordings (The Khlysti Evangelist
  93. Listening To Organ Recordings (Wondrous World Of Punt)
  94. Organ Recordings (Dark Venus Persephone, Wondrous World Of Punt)
  95. What Is A Mellotrone?
  96. Mellotrone Recordings (Lemuria)
  97. Mixing (Son Of The Sun, Lemuria)
  98. Organ Recordings
  99. Paroxysmal Holocaust
  100. Asphyxiate With Fear
  101. Dark Eternity
  102. The Return
  103. Pandemonic Outbreak
  104. Enter The Depths Of Eternal Darkness
  105. Dawn Of Perishness
  106. Baal Reginon
  107. The Wings Of The Hydra
  108. Melez
  109. Symphony Of The Dead
  110. A Black Rose
  111. Dark Princess Naamah
  112. Let The New Day Begin
  113. Dawn Of Perishness
  114. Black
  115. Cults Of The Shadow
  116. To Mega Therion
  117. Under Jolly Roger
  118. Black Sun
  119. The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
  120. Enter Vril-Ya
  121. Before A Show
  122. Riders Of Theli
  123. Niemann Brother Jam
  124. To Mega Therion
  125. The Wings Of The Hydra
  126. After A Show
  127. Seawinds
  128. Secret Of The Runes
  129. Summernight City
  130. The Beauty In Black
  131. Behind The Scenes
  132. Intro
  133. Blood Of Kingu
  134. Uthark Runa
  135. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
  136. Asgård
  137. Son Of The Sun
  138. Invocation Of Naamah
  139. Typhon
  140. Draconian Trilogy
  141. Flesh Of The Gods
  142. Schwarzalbenheim
  143. Ginnungagap
  144. In Remembrance
  145. The Wild Hunt
  146. The Invincible
  147. Melez
  148. The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
  149. The Khlysti Evangelist
  150. Siren Of The Woods
  151. Quetzalcoatl
  152. Wine Of Aluqah
  153. Cults Of The Shadow
  154. To Mega Therion
  155. Iron Fist

Swedish THERION are one of the most unique and influential metal acts and have been active since the early nineties. The masters of Symphonic Opera Metal now return with “Celebrators Of Becoming”: probably one of the most detailed visual collections in metal history to date! Enjoy THERION on 4 DVD’s and 2 audio CD’s!

The band was formed by Christofer Johnsson in 1987 and started to produce several demos and the MLP 'Time Shall Tell'. THERION's full-length debut 'Of Darkness…' surfaced in 1991 and earned the band initial success within the metal underground. THERION started as a creative Death Metal band with ambitions to experiment and expand their sound. The band later developed their style as the years passed and released a handful of innovative albums between 1991 and 1996.

After some line-up changes – leaving Christofer as the only original member– THERION released 'Theli' in 1996, which is regarded as the band’s breakthrough album. At this point THERION were ready to limit their Death Metal elements in favour of more operatic, progressive and even oriental sounds.

'Vovin', THERION's best-selling album to date, was released in 1998. The evolution in sound had reached new heights, allowing the band for the first time to use a real symphonic orchestra. Due to new line up problems, Christofer recorded the CD by himself, only with the help of some studio musicians and still considers 'Vovin' as kind of his solo album.

'Deggial' developed Christofer's new invented style of catchy Symphonic Opera Metal even further. With the new members Kristian and Johann Niemann on board, THERION set off for their first headliner tour along with VOIVOD. One year later THERION issued 'Secret Of The Runes', the band’s first concept album with themes centred on Northern Myths and deeply influenced by Scandinavian Folk Music.

In 2002, THERION celebrated their 15th birthday by recording the live album 'Live In Midgard' and shortly afterwards started writing new material that was about to become the double album 'Lemuria'/'Sirius B'. It entered the German charts on #63, followed by an incredible world-tour, which can now be seen on the DVD “Celebrators Of Becoming”

Now THERION have come up with a monster DVD / CD-set that truly redefines the term gigantic: “Celebrators Of Becoming” features not only four DVDs, but also two live CDs. This ultimate set for all THERION followers covers the whole career of Christofer Johnsson and his companions and gives the opportunity to dig deep into the past and present of the band for over TEN (!!!) hours on the visual side, and over TWO hours of live audio material!
DVD number one features an impressive live set, filmed during THERION´S memorable 2004 “Lemuria / Sirius B” world tour on in Europe, North America and Latin America. The second disc not only brings the fabulous Wacken 2001 show back to life, but also lets us get a detailed look at the band working hard in the studio. On top of all this, the entire THERION Video collection is assembled here! The last DVD ends this visual onslaught with live performances taken from all the stages of the bands career complete with backstage footage. The double-disc live CD delivers a whole show from the “Lemuria / Sirius B” – tour and complete this deluxe collector`s item. Join the cult!

DVD 1&2- live at concert around the world


- Live at Wacken 2001

-Video clip section

-Studio report


Historical section

**DISCS 1 - 4 are DVDs, DISCS 5 & 6 are CDs**