In Flames

Clayman 20th Anniv.



  1. Bullet Ride
  2. Pinball Map
  3. Only For The Weak
  4. …As The Future Repeats Today
  5. Square Nothing
  6. Clayman
  7. Satellites and Astronauts
  8. Brush The Dust Away
  9. Swim
  10. Suburban Me
  11. Another Day In Quicksand
  12. Themes and Variations in D-Minor (instrumental)
  13. Only For The Weak (Re-recorded)
  14. Bullet Ride (Re-recorded)
  15. Pinball Map (Re-recorded)
  16. Clayman (Re-recorded)

Celebrating 30 years of IN FLAMES and 20 years of »Clayman«, this album has been remastered and enhanced by Ted Jensen (PANTERA, DEFTONES, GOJIRA). The 20th Anniversary Edition of »Clayman« features all new artwork and 5 new bonus tracks including a brand new instrumental medley and re-recorded versions of fan-favorites such as 'Only For The Weak' and 'Pinball Map'. Re-recorded songs were produced by Howard Benson (MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, MOTÖRHEAD) and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge (GREEN DAY, ROB ZOMBIE). - New cover art & 16-page booklet artwork by Blake Armstrong (3D sculpt of the Clayman on the cover was done by Suren Galadjian) - Original 11-song track-listing remastered by Ted Jensen @ Sterling Sound - New instrumental track titled 'Themes And Variations In D-Minor' composed by Johannes Bergion, guitars by Bjorn Gelotte. Recorded & mixed by Roberto Laghi. - Re-recorded 2020 versions of: • 'Bullet Ride''Pinball Map''Only For The Weak''Clayman' Produced by Howard Benson (MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, MOTÖRHEAD) Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge (GREEN DAY, ROB ZOMBIE) All songs mastered by Ted Jensen (PANTERA, DEFTONES, GOJIRA)