Coat Of Arms



  1. Coat Of Arms
  2. Midway
  3. Uprising
  4. Screaming Eagles
  5. The Final Solution
  6. Aces In Exile
  7. Saboteurs
  8. Wehrmacht
  9. The White Death
  10. Metal Ripper
  11. Coat Of Arms - Instrumental (Bonus Track)
  12. Metal Ripper - Instrumental (Bonus Track)

During the latter part of 2009 SABATON had reached out to their fans and asked them to send in ideas for battles to sing about and the fans responded with thousands of mails, and while preparing for the new album, (in the middle of a tour of course) the band took the next big step and joined the Nuclear Blast family.

The studio facilities where SABATON recorded their first self titled demo: Moon Music Studio were abandoned at that time and the the guys in the band decided to built their own studio in the same location, thus coming back to where they started out 10 years earlier.

The final composing and the lyrics were made in December of 2009 and in January 2010 the band headed back to Abyss Studios to track the drums, this time with Peter Tägtgren behind the recording console and then returned to their own studio that by now, in typical Sabaton-esque manner was called “The Eagle's Nest” after a joke made by the bands lightning engineer to record the rest of the album. In early February 2010 Fredrik Nordström, assisted by Andrew Hayball mixed the album together with SABATON in Boomtown studios, and when the mastering at Masters of Audio was complete, the final master of “Coat of Arms” was sent to Nuclear Blast.