In Flames

Colony - Deluxe Edition



  1. Embody the invisible
  2. Ordinary story
  3. Scom
  4. Colony
  5. Zombie Inc.
  6. Pallar Anders Visa
  7. Coerced Coexistence
  8. Resin
  9. Behind Space '99
  10. Insipid 2000
  11. The New Word
  12. Man Made God

The long-awaited Re-Release of the classic album 'COLONY'. Enhanced part contains: - Videoclip (Ordinary Story) - Photogallery - Lyrics - Screensaver - Wallpaper - Winamp skinsNo doubt about it, if you're talking about Melodic Death Metal, you have to include IN FLAMES. No other band plays it better than this 5 piece from Gothenborg, SWEDEN. It all started in 1990, when Death and Heavy Metal went underground, as the big hype of Grunge took over the world. Five young people who favored the more brutal kind of music decided to form a band to show the world that there is more than all that grungy shit. In August 1993 they recorded their first 3-song demo at the studio Fredmann in Gö, the place where they have since recorded all their records. After signing to Wrong Again Records they recorded their Debut album 'Lunar Strain', an album which contains 10 mindblowing melodic metal anthems - and later influenced a younger musicians and fans. It was released in August 1994 and made a lot of furore in the scene. Shortly thereaafer they entered the studio again to record the yet classic Mini-CD 'Subterranean' (releaseed September 1995). In October 1995 the band made a change to their line- up, which influenced their career in a positive way as new singer Anders Friden became a trademark in the classic IN FLAMES sound. Beside guitarist Jesper Strömblad and drummer Björn Gelote, he influenced the songwriting for the next album. With 'The Jester Race' started a new era for IN FLAMES - their first for NUCLEAR BLAST. The album contained 10 new songs, material that was more brutal, melodic and darker than all previous releases. It still had all the standard IN FLAMES trademarks. Following this release the band started their first European tour (with Atrocity and Heavenwood). They impressed both fans and bands. At the end of tour the band played the famous Wacken Open Air in Germany, where they showed more than 15.000 people how to spell Melodic Death Metal. Filled with enthusiasm the band entered the studio to record 'Whoracle', their most successful to date. 'Whoracle' surprised many with its melody and classic Heavy Metal sounds, all the while incorporating the classic tonage of IN FLAMES. The album entered the German album charts at 78 and hit respective charts in Sweden and Japan. The tour that followed was a success as the band played for the first time in Japan. Once again, the band made a line-up change, with guitarist NIKLAS leaving and replaced by Björn Gelote, who until then was the band's drummer. Nobody knew that he was such a great guitar player. According to Jesper Strömblad, 'he is much better on this that I am.' So they had to find a new drummer and after a few auditions they decided to give the job to Daniel Svensson of SACRILEGE. He first wanted to do both bands, but after a while he took priority with IN FLAMES, concentrating on the recording of 'Colony', the band's latest album. 'Colony' again contains some surprises, like keyboards and accoustic guitars - sounds that fit together nicely with the band's already respected sound.'Colony' will bring IN FLAMES to next level - carving them a place in the Heavy Metal Hall of Fame.