In Flames

Come Clarity



  1. Take This Life
  2. Leeches
  3. Reflect The Storm
  4. Dead End
  5. Scream
  6. Come Clarity
  7. Vacuum
  8. Pacing Death´s Trail
  9. Crawl Through Knives
  10. Versus Terminus
  11. Our Infinite Struggle
  12. Vanishing Light
  13. Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone

Striving to make music he loved, Jesper Strömblad formed IN FLAMES with Johan Larsson and Glenn Ljungström in 1990. After recording a demo, the trio got their first record deal and started to work on their debut album 'Lunar Strain', which became a classic in the fast growing Scandinavian Death Metal scene. Exposing the melodic side of the band’s writing proved to be an important ingredient to a highly successful release. Soon after, a license deal with Nuclear Blast was signed and IN FLAMES started recording the follow up 'The Jester Race', this time with a line up consisting of Jesper, Johan and Glenn and two new additions: Anders Friden on vocals and Björn Gelotte on drums. “The Jester Race” proved to be very successful and became a big hit across Europe and Japan. Several gigs and a festival tour with SAMAEL, KREATOR and GRIP INC followed. After the recording of 'Whoracle' in 1997 Johan and Glenn decided to leave IN FLAMES, and Peter Iwers (bass) and Niklas Engelin (guitar) joined. With a fresh line up the band headed off on tour with DIMMU BORGIR, followed by a very successful European tour. Once back home in Sweden Niklas left IN FLAMES in order to focus on his other project GARDENIAN. IN FLAMES restructured the band completely, Björn switched from drums to guitar and Daniel Svensson (SACRILIGE) joined the band on drums, and later released 'Colony' in 1999. “Colony” got excellent reactions all over the world and IN FLAMES sold out venues across Europe, USA and Japan. IN FLAMES were now one of the most popular Melodic Death Metal acts around. 'Clayman' released in 2000 even topped its predecessor, the band got glutted with nominations and awards. The first IN FLAMES live album, 'The Tokyo Showdown', was released one year later, giving a detailed insight into the band's live competence. Modern and more mature, 'Reroute To Remain' (2002) again confirmed the status of IN FLAMES and marked another milestone in their career. Two years later and it is was time to take IN FLAMES to the next level. 'Soundtrack To Your Escape' did just that! Thrilling metal with the right balance between the band’s classic death-metal origins and modernity. This was the logical continuation after 'Reroute To Remain'. The band continued touring their asses off (catchword: Mighty OZZFEST!) and documented these long tours with the sensational DVD/CD package 'Used And Abused – In Live We Trust' released earlier this year. Among their many classics, the band also performed the complete 'Soundtrack To Your Escape' album to mark this special occasion. This is the perfect DVD for every IN FLAMES-Fan. With the incredibly successful world tour finished, it was time to think about the next album. IN FLAMES did not just think about it but got straight down to business and finished it very quickly. And here it is: 'Come Clarity'. This will be the next big step for one of the most exciting metal bands ever. 'Come Clarity' is everything you’ve expected and more. 13 Songs of timeless metal that will establish IN FLAMES as one of the most important metal acts of all times. Crawl through Knives, then clarity will come!