Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion



  1. Sacrapos - At First Glance
  2. Brictom
  3. A Girls Oath
  4. The Arcane Dominion
  5. Within The Grove
  6. The Cauldron Of Renascence
  7. Nata
  8. Omnos
  9. Carnutian Forest
  10. Dessumiis Luge
  11. Gobanno
  12. voveso in mori
  13. memento
  14. ne regv na
  15. sacrapos - the disparaging last gaze

What happened to ELUVEITIE in 2008 is not what you call a phenomenon, it’s more of hard and passionate work you put in something you love from the bottom of your heart. Although the Swiss 8-piece quickly rose from one of Europe’s underground's best kept secrets to an internationally highly acclaimed band, a lot of blood, sweat and tears had to be shed!

ELUVEITIE released their breakthrough album “Slania” in February 2008 and did three European (Paganfest '08, Heidenfest '08, KREATOR tour '09) and two US tours (Paganfest '08, KATAKLYSM tour '08) in less than one year. Euphoric reactions, sold out shows everywhere and newly gained respect from all over the world were their well-deserved earnings. Also, the split with their bass player Rafi Kirder and his twin brother and whistle player Sevan Kirder could not stop them by any means. Stronger than ever ELUVEITIE (now with their new whistle player Päde and bass player Kay Brem (ex-CATARACT)) continued their crusade of Gaulish mythology until the end of 2008. By then mainman Chrigel Glanzmann took some short time off to write a new album that had already been planned for quite some time. This time the band would not sound like a sonic battlefield, this time there was a deep desire for just ancient melodies and pure acoustic folk music – no electric guitars or any effects etc.; just pure, honest and authentic folklore!

If you know their previous efforts, it’s needless to say that the band succeeded in every aspect. Except for some tracks most of the 15 songs are written in ancient Gaulish language, which are mostly sung by Hurdy-gurdy player Anna Murphy. Also a few guest musicians contributed their abilities to make “Evocation I...” what it is now: A.A. Nemtheanga of PRIMORDIAL, Oliver S. Tyr of FAUN among others…

“Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion” is a gem in the folk genre and will appeal to all fans of the band as well as to a lot of music interested people of all genres – no doubt!