Lemuria / Sirius B



  1. Thyphon
  2. Uthark Runa
  3. Three Ships of Berik, Pt. 1: Calling to Arms and Fighting the Battle
  4. Three Ships of Berik, Pt. 2: Victory!
  5. Lemuria
  6. Quetzalcoatl
  7. The Dreams Of Swedenborg
  8. An Arrow From The Sun
  9. Abraxas
  10. Feuer Overtüre/Prometheus entfesselt
  11. Blood of Kingu
  12. Son of the Sun
  13. Khlysti Evangelist
  14. Dark Venus Persephone
  15. Kali Yuga, Pt. 1
  16. Kali Yuga, Pt. 2
  17. Wondrous World of Punt
  18. Melek Taus
  19. Call of Dagon
  20. Sirius B
  21. Voyage of Gurdjieff (The Fourth Way)

For more than a decade THERION have been refining their superlative skills in combing metal with classic music elements. The band can easily master ripping metal riffs, epic operatic vibes, symphonic element and several multi-layered choirs all within complex and flowing compositions.

With the new release, a double CD consisting of the both self-contained albums 'Lemuria' and 'Sirius B', THERION live out their musical skills to perfection: never before THERION's albums have melded together the harder facets of the early band years so well with the new bombastic aspects. More than 170 musicians and singers were involved in creating 'Lemuria' and 'Sirius B' and the recording sessions took more than nine months. The result is a musical odyssey through brave new sound-scapes, deep emotions and great melodies. In these songs the boundaries between ‘metal’ ('Typhon', 'Blood Of Kingu' or 'Kali Yuga' Pt. 1 and 2) and epic soundtrack ('The Three Ships Of Berik' Pt. 1 and 2 and 'Call Of Dagon') is often crossed at ease.

The band was formed by Christofer Johnsson, Peter Hansson and Oskar Forss in 1987 under the name BLITZKRIEG. In 1988 the founding members changed their moniker to THERION and started to produce several demos and the MLP 'Time Shall Tell'. THERION's full-length debut 'Of Darkness…' surfaced in 1991 and earned the band first successes within the metal underground. Having started as a creative Death Metal band with ambitions to experiment and expand their sound, THERION developed their style year by year and released a handful of innovative albums between 1991 and 1996. After some line-up changes – leaving Christofer as the only original member within the band – THERION released 'Theli' in 1996, which is regarded as the band’s breakthrough album. At this point in time THERION were ready to limit their Death Metal elements in favour of more operatic, progressive and even oriental sounds.

'Vovin', THERION's best-selling album to date (more than 150.000 copies), was released in 1998. The evolution in sound had reached new heights allowing the band to use for the first time a real symphonic orchestra. Due to new line up problems, Christofer recorded the CD alone by himself only with the help of some studio musicians and still considers 'Vovin' as kind of his solo album. 'Deggial' developed Christofer's new invented style of catchy Symphonic Opera Metal further on. With the new members Kristian and Johann Niemann on board, THERION set off for their first headliner tour together with VOIVOD and FLOWING TEARS. One year later THERION issued 'Secret Of The Runes', the band’s first concept album with themes centred on Northern Myths and deeply influenced by Scandinavian Folk Music. In 2002, THERION celebrated their 15th birthday by recording the live album 'Live In Midgard' and shortly afterwards started writing new material that should become the twin record 'Lemuria'/'Sirius B'.

'Lemuria' and 'Sirius B' brought THERION to the next stage on their way to the symphonic Olympus.
Metal has never been more orchestral than on these two albums!