Live in Midgard



  1. Ginnungagap
  2. Invocation Of Naamah
  3. Birth Of Venus Illegitima
  4. Enter Vril-Ya
  5. Riders Of Theli
  6. Symphony Of The Dead
  7. A Black Rose
  8. The Return
  9. Baal Reginon
  10. Flesh Of The Gods
  11. Seawinds
  12. Schwarzalbenheim
  13. Asgard
  14. Secret Of The Runes
  15. Rise of Sodom and Gomorrah
  16. Summernight City
  17. Beauty In Black
  18. Seven Secrets of the Sphinx
  19. The Wine Of Aluah
  20. The Raven Of Dispersion
  21. To Mega Therion
  22. Cults Of The Shadows

There are few bands within the metal scene that have managed to create a real unique and special sound. A lot of bands copied each other, while some acts created a new sound and started a new era of metal made for eternity. THERION is one of those bands we will ever remember and all of us can be proud of. They created their own music, realized their own special sound and fascinated masses of fans, also outside the metal scene. With their excellent combination of symphonic elements, opera vocals and medieval choirs, mixed with classical metal and gothic elements. The band now exists for fifteen years and celebrated their birthday with a double-live CD called “Live In Midgard” featuring 24 tracks capturing the whole history of the band. Lots of the songs haven’t been played live for years, but will ever remain in the hearts of each metal fan.

When Therion was founded by bandleader, songwriter and vocalist Christopher Johnsson in 1988 their musical direction was pretty much Death Metal, as you can hear on their first releases such as “Time Shall Tell” or “Of Darkness”. Soon the name of the band got popular within the fast growing Death Metal scene. Therion always developed their style further and at least with their excellent “Lepaca Kliffoth” album the whole Metal scene noticed them and praised them as one of the most promising bands. Especially the track “Beauty In Black” soon became a hit in every metal club and established the band worldwide. With their grandiose follow up album “Theli” Therion finally break through and become one of the leading bands within the Gothic Metal genre, always creating new sounds and ideas. Big choirs and classical influences are one of the trademarks of Therion, besides the charismatic vocals of Christopher Johnsson.

On their new double-live album “Live In Midgard” all their hymns are featured, and until now every track they ever did was a hymn on its own. Therion are not to be compared to any other band, that’s why they recorded “Live In Midgard” totally live without any overdubs to not destroy the live feeling at all. The tracks were recorded within their shows in Columbia, Budapest and Hamburg. Just lay back and close your eyes, step in and enjoy your trip through ancient times. Celebrate this immortal formation and let’s hope they stay along with us for another fifteen years.