Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons

Live In The North



  1. We're The Bastards
  2. Bite My Tongue
  3. Rock Out
  4. Spiders
  5. Son Of A Gun
  6. Born To Raise Hell
  7. High Rule
  8. These Old Boots
  9. Ace Of Spades
  10. Silver Machine
  11. Ringleader
  12. Going To Brazil
  13. Dark Days
  14. Big Mouth
  15. Killed By Death

After legendary MOTÖRHEAD came to an end, iconic guitarist Phil Campbell gathered his sons and founded PHIL CAMPBELL AND THE BASTARD SONS and since have been embraced by both MOTÖRHEAD fans as well as other rock and metal enthusiasts alike. After two strong albums, „Live In The North“ (recorded during another sweaty show at The Independent in Sunderland, UK in 2021) serves as a document of their intense live shows and is being accompanied by their upcoming tour, starting on February 13, 2023.