Of Darkness (RE-RELEASE)



  1. The return
  2. Asphyxiate with fear
  3. Morbid reality
  4. Megalomaniac
  5. A suburb to hell
  6. Genocidal raid
  7. Time shall tell
  8. Dark eternity
  9. A Suburb To Hell (Demo)
  10. Asphyxiate With Fear (Demo)
  11. Time Shall Tell (unreleased)
  12. Dark Eternity (unreleased)

'Our debut album from 1991. It was a kind of best of from the songs that I wrote in the 80’s. Today most people regard this album as standard death metal, but back then it was considered as something very original (there were even some small keyboards used in two songs). As we were more of an underground band back then, we were only making interviews for small fanzines and played small club shows in front of 100-200 persons. With today’s proportions of Therion those days may seem puny, but back then we were extremely happy with what we had and I have only positive memories from this period.
On this album you can hear songs written by a teenage band that had no idea if their songs ever would turn up on a record or not in the future. It gives it a special feeling. It’s very different from how Therion sounds today, but I guess there might be a few of our new fans that could like it anyway. ”The Return” was our underground hit back then and we played that song live for many years ahead.'
(Christofer, THERION)