In Flames

Reroute To Remain



  1. Reroute To Remain
  2. System
  3. Drifter
  4. Trigger
  5. Cloud Connected
  6. Transparent
  7. Dawn Of A New Day
  8. Egonomic
  9. Minus
  10. Dismiss The Cynic
  11. Free Fall
  12. Dark Signs
  13. Metaphor
  14. Black & White

Hardly any other band has built up such a strong status within the Metal scene as the Swedish guys from IN FLAMES. With their last studio album, Clayman (2000), they broke down all barriers, made fans into every style of Metal and showed once more how to set a new standard in both melodic and extreme Metal. The same year they played more than 150 shows, including two tours through the US plus a tour through Europe and Japan. Japanese Burrn! Magazine also voted IN FLAMES guitar player Jesper Strömblad the best songwriter of the year. In 2001 their first live album, The Tokyo Showdown, was released, followed by another successful European tour. After relaxing for a little while, the band started to collect ideas and start the songwriting for their new album. Besides a break supporting Slipknot in the UK, they made several pre-productions in their own studio, working hard on new ideas and songs. It was the first time IN FLAMES decided not to record at studio Fredman, as they wanted to distance themselves from past recordings. Daniel Bergstrand produced the album at his Dug Out studio (Darkane, Strapping Young Lad and others), which was the right decision to add new influences to their sound. 'We had plenty of time at the studio; that's why we were able to work hard on all details. It was the first time that we had the time to try different things along with my vocals, so it is the first time that I am really singing,' said vocalist Anders Fridén. IN FLAMES matured amazingly on Reroute to Remain, which doesn't limit them to a severe scene or sound. You can find various influences within their melodic and aggressive way of playing metal. Once they created the classical 'Gothenburg Sound“, which stands for melodic (Death) Metal made in Sweden, but in 2002, IN FLAMES once again set a new standard, being ahead of any other acts. The production is precise and to the point, modern and aggressive. IN FLAMES have managed to create brilliant songs that make you addicted after listening to them only one time. The tracks are more straight, even more aggressive and 100% metal! Songs like System or Cloud Connected are like hymns and will maybe be a little surprise to some people. Reroute to Remain is an album definitely each IN FLAMES fan will love, but it will also appeal to a larger audience. They kept to their roots, made it more modern and tried some experiments that fit perfectly. After the release of the album, IN FLAMES will support Slayer and Soulfly for two months on their US tour before they start to tour Europe at the beginning of October. Reroute to Remain is the most mature and has the most variety of their albums, which will establish them once more as one of the most important metal acts of our time -- all around the world. A classic!