Slania (10 Years Anniversary Edition)



  1. Samon
  2. Primordial Breath
  3. Inis Mona
  4. Grey Sublime Archon
  5. Anagantios
  6. Bloodstained Ground
  7. The Somber Lay
  8. Slania's Song
  9. Giamonios
  10. Tarvos
  11. Calling The Rain
  12. Elembivos
  13. Samon (Acoustic Verison) (bonus)
  14. Interview With Slania (bonus)
  15. Samon (Demo) (bonus)
  16. Primordial Breath (Demo) (bonus)
  17. Inis Mona (Demo) (bonus)
  18. Bloodstained Ground (Demo) (bonus)
  19. Tarvos (Demo) (bonus)

In February 2008 the, when they were still rather unknown, the Swiss folk-metal newcomers ELUVEITIE published an album which would later be heralded as one of the most important reasons for the band’s break-through: »SLANIA«.

What ELUVEITIE achieved with that album is not something you could call a coincidence or phenomena. It’s much more the product of hard, passionate work; the kind of work you put into something you love with all your heart. Even though the band went quickly from being an underground act to being internationally successful, they had to fight their way to the top, shedding blood, sweat and tears! Euphoric reactions, sold-out shows and a newfound respect the world over were the well-earned rewards for their hard work.
For the band and also for the fans, »SLANIA« still has a special place in ELUVEITIE's quite remarkable discography.

For that reason, the band have announced to unleash this masterpiece once more – as a very special anniversary-edition. On November 16th 2018 ELUVEITIE will release »SLANIA - 10 Years« via Nuclear Blast Records.

Mastermind Chrigel Glanzmann comments:
“How time flies - hard to believe that it‘s already 10 years since we‘ve released this album! These last ten years have been incredibly intense, they led us through many a trial and brought us a myriad of blessings. They‘ve led us to countless places all around this earth. And all through the years, the songs of this album were with us and we‘re still playing them live today!
So we're proud of 'Slania' and we're really happy with this re-release and also pretty excited about the bonus goodies it comes with! We hope you'll enjoy as much as we do! Cheers!”