Swedish Empire Live



  1. The March To War
  2. Ghost Division
  3. Uprising
  4. Gott Mit Uns
  5. Cliffs Of Gallipoli
  6. The Lion From The North
  7. The Price Of A Mile
  8. Into The Fire
  9. Carolus Rex
  10. Midway
  11. White Death
  12. Attero Dominatus
  13. The Art Of War
  14. Primo Victoria
  15. 40 : 1
  16. Metal Crüe

Relentless touring, fantastic and intense live shows, brilliant albums stuffed with anthems from start to finish and of course being close to the ones that brought you were you are today – these are the ingredients for a career bar none. This is why SABATON can be declared as the most successful heavy metal band of the past few years.

After being appointed Polish citizens of honor, it was just natural for SABATON to record their first official live document in the country that has supported the band like no other. »Swedish Empire Live« marks the band's headlining gig (something usual for this festival in particular) at renowned Polish Woodstock festival in 2012 in front of more than 600.000 enthusiastic fan which without a doubt makes the DVD/Blu-Ray the most impressive live document a heavy metal band has ever delivered. The biggest screens, the biggest production and of course the biggest crowd. On top of that, shows in Gothenburg, London and Oberhausen will be included as well – running longer than 4 hours in total. With this SABATON have definitiely created a landmark release that will go down in the history of heavy metal.

„There were a lot of things prior to this. We wanted it to be perfect and there were a lot of details to sort. Normally bands do not play a full set there for example and we needed to do that. To really get the organizers with us we went down to Poland to speak with them in person. Normally this is never done to any promoter for a show. Once they understood what our plan was they became very helpful and together we were able to do this.“

- Pär Sundström