The Early Years



  1. D’vêritû Agâge D’bitu (Re-recorded)
  2. Uis Elveti (re-recorded)
  3. Ôrô (re-recorded)
  4. Lament (re-recorded)
  5. Druid (re-recorded)
  6. Jêzaïg (re-recorded)
  7. Spirit
  8. Uis Elveti
  9. Your Gaulish War
  10. Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom
  11. Aidû
  12. The Song of Life
  13. Tegernakô
  14. Siraxta
  15. The Dance of Victory
  16. The Endless Knot
  17. AnDro

The success story of the Swiss band began just at the moment when mastermind Chrigel Glanzmann decided to bring ELUVEITIE into being in order to combine Gothenburg-styled melodic death metal with traditional Celtic folk music to a powerful entity. Over the course of the band’s 10th anniversary, it’s now about time to scrutinize these early days closely, in which the foundation for today’s success of the pioneers of their scene was laid.

It happened in winter of 2002/2003 that Chrigel started ELUVEITIE as a studio project to breathe life into his exceptional musical vision. The first self-financed EP “Vên” was recorded in spring of 2003, was released in the same year – and completely sold out about six months later. The logical conclusion of the rhapsodical public reaction was quickly found: ELUVEITIE had to become a “real” combo with a consistent line-up for the purpose of being able to play live henceforth (the first concert in the band’s history as support act of TRIMONIUM, MENHIR and SKYFORGER took place on the 5th of February 2004 in Winterthur, Switzerland). Quickly, ELUVEITIE were identified as an exceptionally gifted live band which enabled them to indulge in tour life extensively within the next months together with prestigious acts such as AMON AMARTH, FINNTROLL and KORPIKLAANI, before they returned to the studio in winter of 2005 to lay down their eagerly anticipated debut album. This very record named “Spirit” finally came out in 2006 and let the Swiss around maestro Glanzmann go down in the annals of metal as the founders and figureheads of the “New Wave Of Folk Metal”. The rest is history…

Now ELUVEITIE have intensively recapitulated this exciting booster phase of their career. They’ve re-recorded the entire rare “Vên” EP in the line-up of 2012, by which a modern dimension was added to the legendary material, without the slightest loss of its historical splendour. Together with a re-mastered version of the full-length debut “Spirit” (re-mastering done by Dan Suter at Echochamber studios, Switzerland), this results in a profound retrospect that will send both long-time followers and nostalgia addicts as well as ELUVEITIE-newbies and those who have been chasing for these releases for years into rapture. A very special journey through time!