The Electric Age



  1. Come And Get It
  2. Electric Rattlesnake
  3. Wish You Were Dead
  4. Drop The Hammer
  5. Save Yourself
  6. Black Daze
  7. 21st Century Man
  8. Old Wounds, New Scars
  9. All Over But The Shouting
  10. Good Night

Founded back in 1980, never having left the path of metal, always sticking to themselves, doing their thing, and being blessed with THE best frontman in thrash metal history, OVERKILL can truly be called icons, legends and most of all: pioneers!

Having influenced generations of bands and sounds over all these years, OVERKILL are still going amazingly strong, maybe even stronger than ever! After having signed a contract with the big and longstanding Nuclear Blast family in 2009 and releasing the highly anticipated and critically acclaimed label debut, “Ironbound” in 2010, Bobby Blitz and the guys went off again!

Celebrated headlining tours (the renowned “Killfest” tours) all over the old continent and splendid gigs on mostly all important European festivals in support of the album put OVERKILL back on the map where they belong – on top!

Enter 2012, the 32nd year of the bands existence marks another milestone for OVERKILL: the 16th album, “The Electric Age” - Blitz himself describing the “Ironbound” era had kind of a “rebirth feeling to it”, the new offering can perfectly be depicted as the raw and wild youth that naturally follows.

Thinking of “Ironbound” as kind of a “revival” of what OVERKILL is about, “The Electric Age” with all the trademarks you love about this band, refreshing them and adding a modern age feeling, without denying their roots and sticking to the original sound, is the essence of OVERKILL.

Lay back, put in the record... wait, no! stand up, pump up the volume, raise your fist, bang your head and f@%#ing THRASH your living room!