The Great War



  1. The Future Of Warfare
  2. Seven Pillars Of Wisdom
  3. 82nd All The Way
  4. The Attack Of The Dead Man
  5. Devil Dogs
  6. The Red Baron
  7. Great War
  8. A Ghost In The Trenches
  9. Fields Of Verdun
  10. The End Of The War To End All Wars
  11. In Flanders Fields

Does bombastic, hooky and energetic heavy metal force you to go crazy – in a good way? Well then, unless you have been crawling in muddy trenches for the last two decades, you have been exposed to the majestic firepower of history-loving metal giant SABATON. Since SABATON's inception on the threshold of a new millennium, these powerful Swedes have been conquering battlefield after battlefield – of course, only those musical ones, as no-one is supposed to perish under the treads of this merry metal machine – and along the wondrous path, SABATON has practically done and seen it all within the realms of explosive heavy metal. A grand pile of gold and platinum – quadruple platinum in case of 2012's 'Carolus Rex' – selling albums? Check! Crowd-commanding headline shows at largest European festivals, such as Polish Woodstock in front of half a million devoted admirers? Check! High profile tours in Australia, Asia and both American continents - including victorious performances at prestigious events like Japanese Loud Park and Ozzfest USA? Check! Despite such unforgettable accomplishments, SABATON has never been a troop that likes to dwell in the past. For this unstoppable heavy metal panzer, there has always been just one window of opportunity: to march fearlessly towards next challenges.

As we speak, SABATON is reaching twentieth anniversary as a band. What would be the most appropriate way to celebrate this tremendous milestone – and set our targets on the future at the same time? Naturally, there is only one option: to unleash the ninth missile into the heart of heavy metal world. In other words, SABATON's new album – another concept record from the vaults of fascinating military history – is completed and we couldn't be more satisfied with it, says SABATON bassist and lyricist Pär Sundström – and continues: „The title of our new magnum opus is 'The Great War', and within its rich musical and lyrical journey, we dive into the gloomy and bloody atmosphere of World War I. This frantic war shook the whole planet during 1914-1918 and caused devastating consequences that still echo to this day. World War I was also supposed to be the war to end all the wars. Well, today, we unfortunately know little bit better...“ If you are any familiar with the epic sounds of SABATON, you know that these gents are no strangers to cheerfully diverse and catchier-than-glue style of heavy metal. Well, no need to be worried: epic-sounding 'The Great War' takes everything to another level. „The contrast between the brutality of merciless war and heroic sacrifices made by humans of many kind is reflected on seminal tracks – both on compositions and lyrics“, states Sundström.

Once again, SABATON's musical rollercoaster has been masterminded by singer and lyricist Joakim Brodén. „Maybe needless to say, but I am pursuing each of our record to be the absolute best we’ve ever done. Because of this, writing process is always immensely emotional and challenging, but also extremely rewarding ride. And time-consuming... I’m always double-checking just about everything in order to come up with the most fascinating SABATON-manufactured heavy metal ©.“ With utterly delightful 'The Great War', SABATON is able to combine two extremely important elements: here and there, the band fires it up on more familiar territories, only to storm into untouched zones during next moment.

„'The Great War' is 100% pure SABATON album, but that being said, we’re also taking the listener on a wild ride with severe twists and turns“, smiles Brodén and goes on to say: „I don't want to reveal too much, but the new longplayer kicks off with a curveball, making desired space into more distinguished, multilayered and melodically rich SABATON metal lunacy. There are more surprises along the way and record is finally completed by rather special piece... Well, you just have to be patient for a little while!“

If World War I was supposed to be the end (of that kind of inhuman behavior), 'The Great War' is nothing like that for SABATON: in fact, this colossal piece of art may eventually turn out to be the last piece in the puzzle leading for a total domination in the world of heavy metal. „SABATON's next world tour – obviously titled 'The Great Tour' – begins with number of European festival appearances, including our 20-year-anniversary headline spot on holy grounds of Wacken Open Air“, tells Sundström and adds: „After summer shows, SABATON will give no mercy whatsoever, as we will be visiting all possible and impossible corners on our beloved planet. The actual touring cycle starts from North America in October and after that... Well, let's put it this way: 'The Great Tour' will be lengthy and ferocious, but gratifying one“.

For now, one last thing remains: what really was the band's main goal with 'The Great War'? „To build up f***ing impressive SABATON album that will go down in the history of harder music“, states Brodén, without any hesitation.
Well, lads... Target locked, missile fired and mission completed!