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UNHEALTHY MECHANISMS is the caustic sophomore album from Arizona death-crusters GO AHEAD AND DIE. A torrential whirlwind born from the livid minds of Igor Amadeus Cavalera (HEALING MAGIC) and Max Cavalera (SOULFLY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY). This new installment to the band's dystopian catalog is a fresh dive into the madness of society and the pollution that ravages our minds. From the first note there is a sense of unhinged insanity; a grim rhythm that takes listeners down sinister alleyways and across ravaged soundscapes.

Igor and Max supply crunching, frenetic guitar riffs and ear-splitting dive bombs in the no-holds-barred "F*** you" fashion of the Cavalera family. Layers of guitar riffs, screams, and distorted bass-lines are supported by the fierce drumming of Johnny Valles (BLACK BRAID, HEALING MAGIC) who smashes, blasts, and D-Beats his way through song after song with the power of a bulldozer.

From start to finish, UNHEALTHY MECHANISMS will tow you through the frenzied arterials of an unhealthy mind. The music truly speaks for those that battle with themselves, and despite the darkness and intensity of extreme metal, it offers those who suffer refuge from the weight of their thoughts. GO AHEAD AND DIE's newest record is a testament to declining mental health around the world, and a reminder that we are not alone in our pain.

The mind is lost. The fuse is lit. Time to set everything ablaze.

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