Surgical Meth Machine

SURGICAL METH MACHINE is the bipolar album this bipolar world demands, a rollercoaster ride through demented fever dreams, chillingly morose melodicism, and breakneck acceleration toward impossible speeds and gasoline soaked thrills, all from the always-deliciously-terrible-to-taste mind of MINISTRY’s Al Jourgensen.

The declaration of war against empty criticism that is 'I’m Sensitive' sets the tone for the first half of the album, as tracks like 'Tragic Alert' and 'Rich People Problems' blast by like a thousand meteors hurtling into the sun. In stark contrast, sublime songs like 'Just Go Home,' 'Just Keep Going' and the comedown album closer 'I’m Invisible' are among Jourgensen’s most diverse work of his 35-year strong career.

The album was crafted off-and-on over a period of 12 months, mostly in the Cuban-American singer and multi-instrumentalist’s Burbank, California studio with longtime engineer Sam D’Ambruoso. Jourgensen’s longtime guitarist and friend, the late Mike Scaccia, served as partial inspiration for what would become SURGICAL METH MACHINE. Scaccia first appeared on a MINISTRY album in 1992, »Psalm 69«, one of a string of commercial and critical breakthrough albums that also included the industrial/rock standard »The Land Of Rape And Honey« (1986) and »The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste« (1989).

SURGICAL METH MACHINE rewards listeners with massive highs and soul soothing lows, all without the side effects of true chemical indulgence.


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