The Divine Conspiracy



  1. Indigo
  2. The Obsessive Devotion
  3. Menace Of Vanity
  4. Chasing The Dragon
  5. Never Enough
  6. La'petach Chatat Rovetz - The Last Embrace
  7. Death Of A Dream - The Embrace That Smothers Part VI
  8. Living A Lie - The Embrace That Smothers Part VII
  9. Fools Of Damnation - The Embrace That Smothers Part IX
  10. Beyond Belief
  11. Safeguard to Paradise
  12. Sancta Terra
  13. The Divine Conspiracy

“With ‘The Divine Conspiracy’ EPICA has broken through all limits of gothic metal. Sharpening the guitars and tuning up the drums, the band has written a real metal opus combining sheer brutality and sweet innocence. This album has everything to become a classic and a milestone for the genre opening doors to a whole new audience!” - Karel Govaert / MINDVIEW (B)

When EPICA formed in 2002, everyone knew that something unique was on its way to conquer the music industry. Nobody else before combined such a wide range from gothic metal to symphonic, epical elements with ravenous blast beats, angelic female vocals and mean male growls.

“With ‘The Divine Conspiracy’, EPICA strike back with their most ambitious album so far. The dream-like performance of nightingale Simone Simons, the thrashing guitar ravage entangled in highly detailed orchestral divinity and the contrasting, almost black metal-ish ferocity renders “The Divine Conspiracy” a must-have for the fan of female-fronted metal.” - LEGACY (D)

Even though the Dutch band got a good response with every album (justifiably, as every album was a masterpiece), “The Divine Conspiracy” was EPICA’s breakthrough. The album is their most varied and heaviest work up to date – combined with sophisticated songwriting. “The Divine Conspiracy” was once again produced by renowned producer Sascha Paeth in the famous Gate Studios. A glorious new album by a great group!

'An exquisitely crafted blend of darkness, light and power. EPICA has come of age.' Dawn Irwin / FIREWORKS MAGAZINE UK