"Sophisticated metalcore, a devastating mix of genres!" ROCK HARD (France) "Their sense for quiet tones and glistening atmospheres peaks in a thunderous final with a lot of Distortion perfectly produced by guitarist Jonny Renshaw." FUZE (Germany) "They do not only steer the genre into the right direction but rise to even greater heights and claim the crown." TIME FOR METAL (Germany) "Despite its complexity, this feels like an oasis of emotions that leaves you completely satisfied." LORDS OF METAL (Netherlands) Last Friday, the UK based Post Hardcore outfit DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL added another promising chapter to their very own story. With their new longplayer "Loss", the band seized their ultimate act of liberation and celebrates this groundshaking stepstone today with the release of a visualiser for "Signal Fire". Check out the visualiser here: https://youtu.be/1cLJQTer2Kg The album is available now in various formats. Order your copy here: http://nblast.de/DSHS-Loss Singer Paul Green states on the release of "Loss": "It’s been 9 years of waiting for this day for our loyal fans and we couldn’t be happier to finally have ‘Loss’ out in the wild, we’re hugely grateful for their patience and support throughout these years. We’re incredibly proud of this record and we hope everyone enjoys what is a truly personal account of our lives over these last 3 years. We have endured the same hard times as many of you out there and for those navigating your own grief and mental health journeys, we hope ‘Loss’ helps you in some way." Furthermore, he adds particularly with regard to 'Signal Fire': ‘Signal Fire represents another dimension of the sound of ‘Loss’, its atmospherics and delicate passages nod to our past yet it looks forward to the new dynamic that flows through the album.’