This fall, the symphonic EPICA (NL) and folky ELUVEITIE (CH) will be touring Europe together with opener SCAR SYMMETRY (SWE). To give you an idea of what to expect, a tour commercial has been launched.
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This will be the last European tour of EPICA to promote their latest record »The Quantum Enigma« before getting back to the studio to start recording a new album. “We're in the middle of the European summer festival season as we speak, and we're having the time of our lives! Every show keeps getting better, every crowd seems bigger than the last one. »TQE« raised the bar drastically on all levels. I hope, we can share our enthusiasm with our fans one more time later this year!” - Isaac Delahaye ELUVEITIE will tour in support of their latest album »Origins«. SCAR SYMMETRY will tour in support of their upcoming album, due this fall.