"Don’t waste your time on people, don’t give them any second chance and lock yourself away from anybody."

This song is more than another notch in the impressive discography of French doom metal visionaries HANGMAN'S CHAIR but an emotional deep-dive into the soul and heart of Parisiennes banlieues: Today, the band from Paris releases their new single "Loner" - the song comes with an intensive music video featuring four outstanding protagonists that are brave enough to share all their sorrows, hopes and dreams with the listener.
Beautifully accompanied by the grinding dark doom of HANGMAN'S CHAIR, "Loner" presents itself as an outstanding track that can be watched here: https://youtu.be/AKHuh134pyQ

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The band states:
“Loneliness is dangerous, it’s addictive” as the old saying goes.
The LONER video is a non fiction documentary directed by the talented Kendy Ty. In the contemplative spirit of Terrence Malick, he followed real life characters Laura, Sam, Sébastien and Michel into their everyday concerns, struggling with the outside world, living cut off the masses.
Being different and outcasts is their common thread, the picture of Michel's prison tattoo speak for itself.
Don’t waste your time on people, don’t give them any second chance and lock yourself away from anybody… does that ring a bell with you too?"

HANGMAN'S CHAIR, formed in 2005 in Paris, are one of the most unique sounding Doom Rock bands currently active. Through the years, they have found and fine-tuned their own sonic brand, somewhere at the crossroads between Type O Negative, Life Of Agony and Sisters of Mercy, to name a few, mixed with a certain street credibility connected to the group’s roots in hardcore. Each album takes its strength and essence from the band members’s life experiences, which they portrait with unflinching honesty. Whether it is the loss of band members, drug overdoses or the hardships of living in suburban Paris, all those human emotions resonate within each of their songs asthey embrace the darkness and transform it into something beautiful, heavy and melancholic.