Recently, Finnish singer/ bassist MARKO HIETALA released his solo album "Pyre Of The Black Heart" via Nuclear Blast. By now, the album has entered the charts and reached #48 in Germany, #25 in Switzerland and #10/#2 (physical) in Finland and today, the band release a live video for 'Stars, Sand & Shadow'. Watch the video here:
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MARKO HIETALA comments: "Hi you all little devils! We still have a few live videos for you from our tour in february. The first one out this time is from „Roxy“, Prague 9.2.2020. again. Please enjoy the start of our show with: 'Star, Sand and Shadow'. Yes. More videos. To be continued... Cheerio!" More about "Pyre Of The Black Heart": 'Stones' (OFFICIAL VIDEO): Get the single digitally here: 'Voice of my Father' (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO): Get the single digitally here: 'Runner Of The Railways' (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO): 'War Pigs' (BLACK SABBATH -Cover, LIVE VIDEO): Get your copies of "Pyre Of The Black Heart" here: Listen to the tracks in the NB New Releases playlist: /